Designer Max Sauze
Manufacturer Circa
Year 1960
Material Aluminium
Measurements ø 45 cm
Quantity 1
Condition Excellent
Price 1450 €

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ORION by Max Sauze

Max Sauze is a French sculptor and artist. He has shaken up preconceived ideas by bringing new forms and innovative creative techniques.

Sauze is known for his mastery of aluminium. The artist has mainly designed lighting fixtures, such as the iconic “Cassiope” suspension created in 1970 and a whole series of wall lights and table lamps. However, he is also responsible for the “Isosceles” table (1970).

Max Sauze was born in Algiers in 1933. He became passionate about creation at a very early age and took classes at the School of Fine Arts in Algiers and then at the famous Camondo School in Paris. He then settled near Aix-en-Provence and began his career as an artist. He is interested in aluminium and works around geometric shapes. This is the beginning of a whole series of lighting fixtures. At the end of the 1960s, Sauze met with great success throughout the world! He participates in many trade shows and sells his pieces in Europe. His success even crosses the Atlantic Ocean as he will sell his works in the United States and Canada! His work has been the subject of several exhibitions in prestigious places in Paris: the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Centre Pompidou, the Palais de la Découverte etc.